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No-Show Fee $25

Fees for Medical Records
Search Fee: $5.00
Pages 1-25: $1.00 per page
Pages 26+ : $0.50 per page
X-rays: $10.00 per CD

Fees for Patient Forms
Initial Form: $25
$5 per additional form

Self-Pay Office Visit Fee Schedule

Office Visit $100
Office Visit with X-ray $150
Office Visit for Fracture Treatment $350
X-ray in 90-day Fracture Care period $40
Physical $25

Policy: Self-pay patients are required to pay a deposit for services in full, up front, and at the time of service. The patient will be billed for any excess charges that may occur once the patient is seen by the doctor. For all surgical fee’s please contact Code Collect directly for each case.

Injection Fee Schedule

PRP Injection $650
Nucell $750
Harvest $850
Flograft $1,300
SynviscONE $600
Synvisc $200
Orthovisc $250
Monovisc $750
Steroid $150